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MORLAB was granted recognition as an EPA-recognized laboratory

In July 2011, MORLAB obtained approval certificates issued by TAF and CNAS and part of which ENERGY STAR® program has gained listed of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). MORLAB is now an EPA-recognized laboratory. 

In April 14th, 2010, EPA and The Department of Energy (DOE) jointly announced the adjustment of certification process for “ENERGY STAR” products, to ensure that only the product conformed to requirements could obtain the label of “ENERGY STAR”. During the process of adjustment, the terms taken effect immediately is as following: Manufactures are required to render complete test report and evaluation report, and the product of which should be approved by EPA, provided that manufactures want to obtain the label of “ENERGY STAR”. The product would not be able to obtain the certification mark of “ENERGY STAR” before approval by EPA. Meanwhile, during the process of certification and examination for “ENERGY STAR” qualification, EPA has strengthen the examination-approval system and become independent from the automatic approval process. It would carry out examination and approval for all new applications for qualification. 

EPA and DOE is keeping strengthen the certification procedure of “ENERGY STAR”, and states as following: All manufactures are required to render test results issued by recognized and granted laboratories, to ensure that the product meets the requirements of “ENERGY STAR”.  The products involved include: window, door, Compact Fluorescent Lamps etc. 

The ENERGY STAR certification itself is a government program of energy conservation that directs to consumer electronics, leaded and implemented by American government. The program aims to protect living environment better, and save energy, which takes the reduction of energy consumption and Greenhouse gas from power plants as its goal. It is firstly promoted by computer product, and the mark of “ENERGY STAR” has been accepted by many countries around the world, which has become one of the marks of energy-saving products. 

MORLAB administrates and guarantees the daily running of lab in strict accordance with the international standard of ISO/IEC 17025. Advanced testing facilities, such as electronic load, and integrating sphere optical test system, are equipped with to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test result. Meantime, energy efficiency engineers in MORLAB are experienced in regulation research of energy efficiency and product test. Therefore, it could meet the test requirements of energy efficiency for customers who export products to various countries and regions. 

MORLAB is capable to measure the energy efficiency in accordance to regulation of different countries and regions, as well as providing specialist technical support during the product design. Along with the solid background in safety and performance testing, MORLAB dedicated to offer the best on-stop service to our clients. 

For more information about energy efficiency test of MORLAB, please browse the column on energy efficiency certification of our website, or contact with the closest MORLAB.