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MORLAB and HKPC signed collaborative agreement for OFTA type Approval

In order to provide one-stop quality testing and certification service for the electronics and telecommunications industries, MORLAB and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) signed a collaborative agreement on 23 February 2010. It means the electronics and telecommunications products could be tested and gets OFTA certification in Shenzhen.

Established on 1 July 1993, the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) is the executive arm of the Telecommunications Authority, who is the statutory body responsible for regulating the telecommunications industry in Hong Kong.

The main duties of OFTA cover economic and technical regulation of telecommunications services, enforcement of fair competition in the telecommunications sector and management of radio frequency spectrum.
Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) was accredited by OFTA to provide certification service for telecommunications equipments for use or sale in Hong Kong under the Hong Kong Telecommunications Equipment Evaluation and Certification Scheme starting from 1 February 2010.

MORLAB,a professional third-party testing laboratory, provides testing and certification services for electronics and telecommunications products. With varies professional testing facilities as well as a well experienced team, MORLAB gains numbers of qualification world-widely and domestically. All of these make it possible for MORLAB to serve customers thoroughly, locally in one-stop.  

Under this agreement, MORLAB and HKPC will join forces in helping the mobile communications equipment developers to achieve Hong Kong certification for their new products. HKPC will certify the equipments tested by MORLAB to confirm our compliance with the technical specifications of OFTA.

Mr. Leung , General Manager (Automotive and Electronics) of HKPC ,said: "By leveraging the professional expertise and advanced facilities in telecommunications equipment testing of both parties, this partnership will offer comprehensive and high-quality testing and certification service support for electronic industries in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Local consumers will also benefit from a wider choice of telecommunications products."

Mr. Shu Luan, General Manager of MORLAB, said: "With this partnership, MORLAB and HKPC can establish a one-stop testing and certification service platform for Guangdong and Hong Kong. It will also facilitate electronics and telecommunications companies in the Mainland to introduce their high-quality products to Hong Kong and become another example of Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation."

Mr. Shu Luan, General Manager of MORLAB(left) and Mr. Frank Leung , General Manager (Automotive and Electronics) of HKPC are signing the collaborative agreement

This agreement is focus on the electronics and telecommunications products. With the expanding range of services and development, MORLAB and HKPC will intensify exchanges and cooperation, to establish a more comprehensive service platform for our customers in the future.

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