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CTIA approves MORLAB as a CATL for Battery Certification Program

MORLAB is pleased to announce that the CTIA has accredited MORLAB as a CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory (CATL) for Battery Testing (CTIA IEEE1725) on 21st October, 2009. The CTIA approval represents another significant milestone in international accreditation as well as a great progress in international and integrated services.

Currently, since the battery related accidents frequently happens, battery safety issue becomes a hot spot of people concern. It brings not only damage and lost, but also great shocks to the whole industry. Therefore, based on IEEE1725, CTIA defined the certification program which regulated the mobile phone battery design, manufacture and evaluation. (IEEE1725 is a Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones standard released by the IEEE-Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The certification program is applicable to a subsystem (cell, pack and adapter) as well as to a system which integrated with cells, battery packs, adapters and hosts (cell phones). The program comprises sample testing, technical documents review and declaration from manufacturers. In addition, for cell certification, it requires audit to manufacturing site including management control, process control, quality systems and technical capability. Moreover, manufacturing sites shall be re-audited on an annual basis. Currently CTIA IEEE1725 certification has become a compulsory admittance requirement of carriers in North America.

As one of the biggest, best equipped and well known laboratories, MORLAB always commit itself to the systematic、 professional、and one-stop testing- certification service for our customers. Meanwhile, MORLAB also actively involves in activities of international organizations, by which it gains a large number of domestic and international qualifications. MORLAB attended CTIA battery working group meeting, discussed and gave out a number of comments, half of which were accepted by whole committee. With the professional and efficient technical service team, fully detailed preparatory work, MORLAB has won recognition by CTIA and officially became a member of the CATLs.

For MORLAB becoming a CTIA Authorized Testing Laboratory (CATL) for battery certification program, it represents that MORLAB’s professional capability has been accredited by the international recognized organization. In the future, MORLAB will continue to provide our clients with more professional, efficient battery testing and certifications services, and help their products to enter North American market efficiently and conveniently.

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