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Shenzhen MORLAB successfully held “OTA&SAR testing seminar”

In order to help many of wireless terminal manufacturers get to know updated testing standards and information, and also provide an intercourse platform for OTA and SAR technology customers. MORLAB successfully held “OTA&SAR testing technology seminar” in May 8, 2009. More than 100 wireless terminal manufacturers’ took part in this seminar.

The topics for this seminar as following:
  ⊙ Antenna and OTA testing technology
  ⊙ Antenna and Radiation Spurious Emissions
  ⊙ SAR testing standards and requirements

In this seminar, MORLAB engineers deeply analyze the latest testing requirements of wireless products which required by GCF, PTCRB, CCC and CTA certifications. Senior OTA engineer introduce “Antenna and OTA testing technology”, SAR testing engineer introduce the SAR testing standards and requirements. Facing different requirements, MORLAB also provide related solutions for the testing questions.

After seminar, Shenzhen MORLAB engineers showed around the MORLAB laboratories with the customers, especially visit OTA and SAR labs. The guests all said that through this seminar, they got many of the latest information and they hope more cooperation opportunities with MORLAB.

For more information, please sent to or call:0755-86130318.