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MORLAB and MSAI signed collaborative agreement

In order to provide one-stop quality testing and certification service for the electronics and telecommunications industries of India and China, MORLAB and Mobile Standards Alliance of India (MSAI) signed a collaborative agreement on 25 October, 2010.

Mobile Standards Alliance of India (MSAI) is the official reporting body of GSMA. MSAI supports Indian regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and Indian customs in cases concerned with IMEI / TAC for GSM and MEID / ESN for CDMA technologies.

MSAI also provides UAP (User Agent Profiling) related assistance to manufacturers with all network operators. As India is divided into 22 network operator circles (province) MSAI provides professional operator sync service along with FTA (Field Test Analysis) for companies who want to launch wireless devices in India.

MORLAB,a professional third-party testing laboratory provides testing and certification services for electronics and telecommunications products. With varies professional testing facilities as well as a well experienced team, MORLAB gains numbers of qualification world-widely and domestically. All of these make it possible for MORLAB to serve customers thoroughly, locally in one-stop. 

Under this agreement, MORLAB and MSAI will join forces in helping the wireless communications equipment developers to seek IMEI/MEID related assistance with regards to their new products. Moreover, we can provide Quality Assurance Service and Indian Field Test Analysis for Chinese customers. With the expanding range of services and development, MORLAB and MSAI will intensify exchanges and cooperation, to establish a more comprehensive service platform for our customers in the future.

Mr. Shu Luan, Manager Director of MORLAB(right) and Mr. Ashiwani Budhiraja, Director of MSAI signed the collaborative agreement

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