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MORLAB qualification manager was accredited by Bluetooth SIG as BQE

In 2008, MORLAB was accredited by SIG as BQTF(Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility) to offer Bluetooth devices conformance testing, evaluation as well as BQB certification. Recently, our qualification manager Mr. Xuewen Wu was accredited by SIG as BQE (Bluetooth Qualification Expert).

BQE is a expert authorized by SIG as a independent party, to provide report review service to BQB member. BQE must be accomplished in Bluetooth technology and policy as well as all the procedure. Since the Bluetooth qualification is very stringent, and the requirement often changed and updated, so SIG recommend members to use BQE review for qualification.

Meanwhile, MORLAB Bluetooth lab always focus on the development of Bluetooth, and tend to build a complete testing and certificate platform for our clients.

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