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MORLAB signed agreement with TELEFICATION to cooperate in certification business

In recent days, MORLAB singed agreement with TELEFICATION to cooperate in certification business. This cooperation make MORLAB has get new progress in the international certification field again.

TELEFICATION lab is one of the famous 3rd certification labs with a long history, which established in the 70's of the 20th century. Running the most professional testing and certification capability, TELEFICATION has the high reputation in the international field.

In a long time, as the biggest scale and well equipments testing and certification lab, MORLAB always commit itself to the one-stop testing and certification service for our customers. MORLAB has many of home and international certification qualification and has signed cooperation agreements with more than 10 countries. Depending on well reputation and strong abilities, MORLAB has wined the widely certify by many of international organizations, and make great foundation for this cooperation.

For this mega-merger by MORLAB with TELEFICATION, this cooperation will further expand both parts international certification channel. In the future, MORLAB will use rich international resources and widely influence of TELEFICATION to provide more professional and high quality service to attract our customers.

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