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Shenzhen MORLAB held " IECEE-CB Safety and battery test seminar"

Shenzhen MORLAB held " IECEE-CB Safety and battery test seminar" in the Liuxian detection base on 23th April, 2012.

We also invite Certification BODY, TRaC GLOBAL to join the seminar together. TRaC is independent third party certification bodies recognized by many industries and organizations. It had been appointed as an NCB (National Certification Body) and CBTL (Certification Body Test Laboratory) by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment, under what's more commonly known as the CB scheme. This seminar is to help manufacturer understanding CB Scheme more in-depth and the latest trends, also in order to make the customer clearer understanding the connections and differences between the CB and the same class certification, and provide a communication platform for manufacturers and enterprises.

The topics discussed in this seminar:
● Introduction to the CB scheme
● The latest trend of CB and affected products
● NRTL and difference between NRTL and CB
● UL standards, IEC standards
● Safety test items(IEC/UL/GB)
● Battery test items(IEC/UL/CTIA)

In addition to the speech, the TRaC GLOBAL and MORLAB safety and energy conservation experts answer a lot of the specific problems encountered in a lot of testing and certification process the guests are concerned about. The successful convening of the seminar, guests and experts have more direct communication and exchange, thereby strengthening our relationship with our customers. Guests welcomed and affirmed MORLAB regularly organize such learning and exchange opportunities, MORLAB also hope to take the platform with more interaction and cooperation.

For more information, please send mail to the address below:, or call: 0755-61281201.