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Brief Introduce

MORLAB Group has integrated laboratories in Shenzhen and Shanghai. According to customer’ different requirements we can provide localization service. We are world first-class telecommunication lab, has the biggest lab group and the only one HAC lab in China, the only CTA OTA 、BQTF BQB lab in the south of China.

MORLAB is GSM terminal type certification lab which approved by the China National Accreditation Board for Laboratory, this lab does GSM850/900/1800/1900 terminal phase 2 and phase2+ compliance tests as well as some EGPRS and WCDMA protocol tests.

The lab is equipped with state of the art systems such as the TS8916B from German, the RAMS and SAT 06 systems from Anite, as well as the IT3 systems from ORGA Test Systems. MORLAB test ability can perform from 2G GSM terminal extend to 3G products, Our technology help you products development keeping up with the world most advanced technology development and our certification can provide comprehensive for your products enter into global market timely.

MORLAB EMC laboratory has the most comprehensive EMC laboratory group in present China: A 10 meter full anechoic chamber, a 5 meter full anechoic chamber, two 3 meter full anechoic chambers, a 3-and-a-half meter anechoic chamber.Our EMC laboratory is the biggest scale, the most entire for instrumentation equipment disposition, the cover international, the domestic standard to be most, the technology to be most advanced, the most character laboratory in South China, compares with the world developed country similar laboratory is also the first-class level.

The EMC each test system provides now completely by the world most famous manufacturer, the disposition mainly measured that the system includes: The disturbance power/conduction disturbance voltage automated test system, the lighting equipment/domestic electric appliances EMI automated test system, GSM, CDMA the simulation base depot /EMI automated test system, the EMS automated test system, the power amplification system, the overtone \ voltage hunting and the twinkle test system, the static discharge interference rejection, the electricity fast transient pulse group interference rejection, the surge interference rejection, the power frequency magnetic field interference rejection, the voltage depreciation, fall temporarily with the interrupt interference rejection, the thunder stroke test system.

Moreover, we have also equipped Safety、environment 、reliable、SAR、OTA、Radio frequency、Chemical、performance and BQB labs. These labs are well-equipped, engineers’ working experience and management level all have greatly compositive strength. Which have performing many tests and CCC, CE, and UL certifications, we obtained the numerous customers and the higher authority Department widespread high praise.