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International goods inspection

Since MORLAB developed the testing and certifications services home and abroad, due to the precise, timely and zealous service, we have helped more and more customer to strictly control the quality of their products and gained more and more support from our customers. So we’ve founded our outstanding and international brand in the industry of testing and certification home and abroad.

On the other day, a Mexican telecommunication terminal merchant entrusted with MORLAB to carry out the service of inspection on the goods they purchased in China, from this deal on, MORLAB started to formally offer the service of international goods inspection.

MORLAB offers the whole series of service from the process of the manufacturing of products to the IQC, QC in the assembly-line, and then the shipment inspection, including offering the inspection standards of products, the sampling methods which meet the need of customers and the international convention.

The customers are very satisfied with the service of international goods inspection supplied by MORLAB, and declared that they will choose MORLAB to be the only organization to offer them goods inspection service if they purchase goods in China hereafter.