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Smart Card Testing

Smart Card operating system usually is called CMOS chip operating system COS. Generally COS has its safety system, its safety capability is always the important technology index for evaluate COS. COS capability including: Transfer Management、Documents Management、Safety System、Order Explain.
The use of the Smart Card can be concluded as following four points:
  (1)Status Identification
  (2)Payment Tool
  (3)Encrypt / Decipher

MORLAB can provide JAVA application testing for Smart Card, the engineer of this lab composed by domestic rich experience smart card experts who will help you solve different safety problems. And we got the great support from Germany famous smart card provider ORGA TEST SYSTEM, which make our testing capability always keep on the international level, and make your products more reliable and safety through certification by our lab.

If you need any more information, please send to:info_sz@morlab.cn or call: 0755-86130318。