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Zigbee Testing

ZigBee is an emerging short distance wireless communication technology (the IEEE 802.15.4 standards), mainly application domain is the low speed wireless individual regional network, the chief feature is the close distance, the low power loss, the low cost, and the low transmission speed. Its working is: transfer the data from one sensor to another through wireless wave by the relay way between several thousand small sensors, finally these data may enter the computer for analysis or collects by another kind of wireless technology (for example: WiMax). The work frequency band divides into: the 2.4G-- whole world is general, 868M-- Europe, 915M-- US. Because of Zigbee chooses 2.4GHZ equally (2.4~2.483GHz) the ISM frequency band with the other short distance wireless communication technology, such as Bluetooth、WIFI, So, its resistance to interference especially attracts attention.

MORLAB has gained experience in the ZigBee product testing, we can complete the various countries' certification for ZigBee products and help our customer to consummate its products, makes it to consider various countries' target of the related limit request in the design.


If you need any more information, please send to:info_sz@morlab.cn or call: 0755-86130318。