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GPS testing

GPS is Global Positioning System for short, it is the satellite system composed by 24 satellites which covered global. This technology can use to guide plane, shipping, vehicle and individual, and along the selected route safety and exact reach to the destination.

MORLAB has equipped the advanced Agilent GPS testing system which can provide up to 8 real-world GPS satellites simulation, realize 30 minutes GPS signal playback and simulate many cities GPS real navigation data (see Figure1).Through these data we can simulate real-time signal energy, Doppler shift and satellite visibility. Moreover, this GPS test system can also perform A-GPS test when upgraded with Agilent 8960.

MORLAB can perform the following GPS receiver performance test:
  1. Time to first fix (TTFF)
  2. Warm start time to first fix
  3. Reacquisition time
  4. Static navigation accuracy
  5. Radio frequency interference
  6. Receiver sensitivity

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