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E-Mark certification

E-Mark is the certification for car products. According to EU 72/245/EEC and revision 95/54/EC directive requirements, from October 2002, any car electronic and electric appliance products which enter into EU market, only when these products pass E-Mark related-testing and certification and carry E mark, can be permitted sale on the local market.
E label origins regulation issued by Economic Commission of Europe, The products which carry E certification mark will be accepted by market.

E/e Mark Certification system

 US-Self Certification/ compulsory recall

 EU-Form Certification/ voluntary recall

 JP-Characteristic form certification

Testing and Certification Procedure for E/e Mark

 Manufacturer prepare technology documents and samples

 Testing

 Factory inspection for the first application

 Factory inspection is not need in principle for the manufacturer who have got the
 ISO9000 quality system certifications which issued by EU certification institutions

 Testing reports and technology documents for review

 Europe National Transportation Department issue certification  

 Periodic or aperiodic tracking factory inspection may be operated by certification issuing organization


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