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CQC certification

Besides the Compulsory Product Certification, MORLAB is engaged in Voluntary Product Certification service (called CQC Mark certification). The products shall be verified to conform to the requirements of the standards of quality, safety, environment and performance only by using the CQC Mark its scope involves more than 500 products. The purpose of it is to protect consumers’ personal and property safety, and maintain consumers’ interests to improve the product quality of domestic enterprises and increase the product competitiveness in the international market to facilitate the smoother accession of foreign enterprises’ products into the domestic market. CQC as the body of earlier conducting quality certification activities shapes the brand as well-known certification body abroad. CQC Mark certification helps the enterprise get a well-known brand.

CQC undertakes the certification work of the products listed below as follows:
Appointed products:
CNCA-01C- 001: Cord Sets
CNCA-01C- 002: Electric Wires and Cables
CNCA-01C-003: Plugs and Socket-outlets for Household and Similar General Purpose
CNCA-01C-004: Switches for Household and Similar Fixed-Electrical Installations
CNCA-01C-005: Plugs and Socket-outlets for Industrial Purpose
CNCA-01C-006: Appliance Couplers for Household and Similar General Purpose
CNCA-01C-007: Thermal-links
CNCA-01C-008: Enclosures for Accessories for Household and Similar Fixed Electric Installations  
CNCA-01C-009: Cartridge Fuse-links of Miniature Fuses
CNCA-01C-010: Low-voltage Switchgear Assembly
CNCA-01C-011: Switch and Control Equipment
CNCA-01C-012: Installation Protective Equipment
CNCA-01C-013: Small-power Motor
CNCA-01C-014: Electric Tools
CNCA-01C-015: Electric Welding machines
CNCA-01C-016: Household and Similar General Purpose Appliances
CNCA-01C-017: Audio and Video Apparatus
CNCA-01C-018: Equipment and Components for Cable Distribution System of Sound and Television Signals
CNCA-01C-019: Satellite Television Receivers
CNCA-01C-020: Information Technology Equipments
CNCA-01C-021: Finance and Trade Settlement Equipment
CNCA-01C-022: Lighting Electrical Appliances
CNCA-02C-023: Motor Vehicle Products
CNCA-02C-024: Motorcycles Products
CNCA-02C-025: Motorcycle Engine Products
CNCA-02C-026: Safety Belts of Motor Vehicle
CNCA-02C-027: Tyre Products
CNCA-04C-028: Safety Glass Products
CNCA-07C-031: Telecommunication Terminal Equipment
CNCA-08C-032: Electrocardiographs
CNCA-08C-033: Hemodialysis Equipment
CNCA-08C-034: Extracorporeal Blood Circuit for Blood Purification Equipment
CNCA-08C-035: Hollow Fiber Dialyzer
CNCA-08C-036: Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers
CNCA-08C-037: Medical X-ray Diagnostic Equipment
CNCA-08C-038: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Roller Pump
CNCA-08C-039: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Pulsatile Roller Pump
CNCA-08C-040: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Bubble Oxygenator
CNCA-08C-041: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Heat Exchanger
CNCA-08C-042: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Water Heating /Cooling System
CNCA-08C-043: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Silicon Rubber Pump
CNCA-10C-047: Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems
CNCA-12C-049: Solvent Paintings for Wood Products
CNCA-12C-050: Ceramic tiles