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Bluetooth BQB Lab

This laboratory introduces Spanish AT4 Wireless Corporation's Bluetooth radio frequency test system BITE T1111, provides the radio frequency test solution for each kind of Bluetooth equipment, and writes up the BQTF test report which Bluetooth the SIG organization approves. This system supports Bluetooth the 1.2&2.0+DER&2.1+EDR standard, and conforms to Bluetooth completely the SIG organization's radio frequency test specification: RF12.TS/2.1.E.1, RF20.TS/2.1.E.1, RF21.TS/2.1.E.1 is Bluetooth one of SIG approval minority blue tooth radio frequency test facilities. Can complete all blue tooth 1.2&2.0+DER&2.1+EDR 15 standard rate test project.

The Bluetooth terminal product needs to complete RF as well as the Profile part test through the Bluetooth quality certification, MORLAB simultaneously has the Profile testing tool and the testing software, may complete the overwhelming majority the Profile test.

If you need any more information, please send or call: 0755-86130318.


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